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Road Trip USA '06

A couple buddies & I are heading out on our grand road trip next monday. Here is a map of where we will be going, red dots are the cities we plan on staying the night in. We're looking for anyone who can point us to a good bar, wants to share a drink, provide a couch/shower, or whatever.

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I'm in cali! Tell me when you get here, I'm in Sandiego!

Also I just made this community yesterday, join it if you'd like! I've already got a few members with stories to tell and pictures to share! Also, I've got the cali knowledge! Born and raised! :) Clicking the picture will take you to the community!

thanks for the reply, unfortunately youre a little over a year late on this post.

me and my buddies had a great time on the trip though, and now i live in cali too, san francisco specifically.

Oh wow, I should have seen that! Good to hear you had a good time! and congrats on moving out here!