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Road Tripping

Vroom Vroom Vroom

Good Times
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A livejournal community for all you people who love to go on Road Trips. Or even for you people who can't go on a nice long road trip to live through our road trips

Ideas for places to go
Stories about your road trip
Interesting things (pictures, items, whatnot) that you found & want to share
Stories that have anything to do with road tripping whatsoever
Advice for road trips
Ideas for what to bring
Music suggestions
Car maintenance
Info on where you live if you think it's worth visiting
Offers for a place to crash or a free meal
Looking for a person to road trip with
Pretty much anything that's not on the list below

Not Acceptable:
Harassing other members
Rudeness of any sort
Anything not road trip related
Promoting other communities

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