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aibell the quene

Me and my family (parents, sis, and me) are planning a mini road trip this summer. Here's the working (subject to change) itinerary:

Departure May 28 [from my parents place in Plano, Texas] 1
Pass by Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas
Stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico night of May 28 2
Pass by Petrified Forest in Arizona May 29 - 1/2 day? 3
Arrive Grand Canyon May 29 4
Visit Grand Canyon May 30, 1 day enough or not?
Leaving Grand Canyon May 31
Arrive Tucson, Arizona May 31
Visit Saguaro National Park May 31 5
Arrive Las Cruces, New Mexico June 1
Visit White Sands National Park June 2 6
Visit Carlsbad Cavern June 2 7
Stay in Carlsbad area June 2
Return home June 3 8

road trip map

So my questions are-
Is this roadtrip/route do-able? Or should we take less/more time on anything specific on the route?
Anything on that route we should see that's not listed?
What is the climate/weather during that time period? What kind of clothing to bring?
Any other must-have things to bring?
Anything specific you think we should do/see specifically at any of those attractions I've listed?
Any good travel books/sites/etc that tells about any of those places listed?
Any other good tips on these places, road trips, travel, or anything?
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